Monday, December 20, 2010

Should be Called "No-More-Bakes"

I have a weekly request from my husband to make cookies that make him talk about Poop for about an hour. We even thought about calling them "Tumble Turds" but they are more commonly known as "No-Bakes"

No Bakes take me about 3 minutes to make, 2 more to glob on to a piece of wax paper, and within just a few more minutes they are ready to eat. For the sake of Exaggerating, I will say they take me 10 minutes to complete and begin to eat.

That's what makes me hate them so much. They are TOO EASY TO MAKE!

12th No-Bake Cookie this month

I love these Cookies.

I could eat the whole batch straight from the pan if I didn't think my husband would attack me like an over-protective bear for its honey.

(To Do After Procrastination: Insert Picture of Bear Here)

Now, it may not seem like such a big deal to most people. (Less Than 10 Minutes of Work+Sugary Deliciousness=Epic Win).  But for me, I know what this will turn into:

3,234,634,123rd No-Bake Cookie (Approx. 3 years from now. Or 6 Months Depending on my Husbands Hungry-Stomach Quota)

This is what will happen to me, especially with the riggorious wintering that I was planning on doing, ie: Not Moving.  (See Also Future Blog Post "Amanda's Winter Survival Guide"... or something along those lines). Please note the Triple Chin and sad expression. 

Let's just hope my husband is a Chubby Chaser....

EDIT: Ok, I drew a bear for you:

I think he's pretty Epic too. 

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