Thursday, December 9, 2010


Yesterday my cat was not being adorable.

Usually he is the cutest thing in the world. No lie. He purr's on command, will talk to you if you say his name in these cute little "mew" and "brdp" noises. And he is fluffy.

He is also special needs. Pretty much that just means he can't walk right (to be politically correct he has Cerebeller Hypolasia.... but in lamen's terms "he can't walk right" works, it also means he trembles a lot). And, yes, we are mean "parents" who name their animals after characteristics they have. So his name is Tumble. Technically it's "Tumbleweed" because he is also orange. Tumbleweeds are orange, my husband is from Arizona and he says so.

Yesterday, like I said, he was not being cute.

This is Tumble on a normal day:

He purrs in his sleep. He also purrs when he eats or goes poop.

This was Tumble yesterday:


So, I left the house and warned Travis that when he got home, Tumble was going to annoy him with his incessent meowing. And not always just a single loud "MEOW!" but also this long range, the-gang-bangers-down-the-street-could-hear-it:


So, for hours I was annoyed with this. So annoyed that I wanted to punch his cute little face on the nose. Or toss him outside in the snow. Travis was not annoyed with this, because apparently all Tumble wanted ALL DAY, was his dad.

Love you too, Tumble. 

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