Sunday, March 13, 2011

Another Thing I Find Gross


I hate Milk

Want to know why?

Because drinking milk is like drinking liquid fat.

I don't even like eating the fatty part of Bacon, much less guzzling it down like it's a refreshing beverage.

Trust me. Do a little exteriment and find out for yourself:

One day, I thought that I really needed some more calcium, but I didn't really want to drink milk.

Regardless, I thought I would try some and figured that if I put ice in it, maybe it wouldn't be so bad.

And, it wasn't. Until I finished my glass.

The fat in the milk froze to the ice.

There was yellow ice in my glass.

I'm not joking when I say it's one of the most disgusting things I had ever seen. It got my gag-relexes going worse than a cold ragging through a day-care (try looking at gooey green stuff come out of twenty three year olds, it'll get you turning green too)

As I was gagging, I accidently spilled the fatty ice all over the kitchen.

Apparently milk-fat is a Tumble favorite.