Monday, May 2, 2011


While the world is talking about Osama, I am going to talk about...


Ok, not exactly, but my thoughts in result of the recent episode.

Growing up I had alot of labels from people. Of course, they were all good until about middle school. Then they became mean. Outright nasty for the fact that these things were coming from 12 year olds.

I was a chubby kid, not obese, but you couldn't tell that to a large majority of my classmates, I was called a "Sea Cow" and moo'd at in the hallways. It became so bad one year that I switched schools.

This school was better, but after three years of attending a school too far away for my parents to come to events and volleyball games I went back to the High School in the area I grew up.

People were better (No more Mooing in the hallways) and I had a group of friends that loved/tolerated me (Seriously, High School Amanda was OBNOXIOUS!) But I had definitely earned a label then, and that was "Holier Than Thou" which alienated alot of people.

Since then there is one label that has not left me, regardless of age, and that is "nerd". Since I have developed a personality, I have been interested in videogames, reading Science Fiction or Fantasy novels, Comics, Conventions, and know random facts about random randomness. My husband and I spend quality time together, in our living room, by me reading while also watching him play video games. This activity makes us happy, because we are nerds.

He had a harder time accepting this label. I've been calling him a nerd as long as I have known him. (I know there is speculation on the differences of "Nerd" and "Geek" so I consider them one in the same, just to clarify) Travis is a Smart Nerd. Not just one who sits in front of a video game and plays, but one who contemplates the universe within the video game so that he has an understanding of the complexities of the created verse within the computer. He can also take a part that computer and rebuild it and add to it and do all of these other cool things that make my head spin.

Anyway, this post is bringing you two things: My acceptance of the fact that I am a nerd girl:

AND: Left-Handed Drawings!

Also, this is literally a drawing of my left hand. Note the Carnie-Thumb. Trust me, it's extra long.

I took the longest time with this one. I even added the detail of his fur.

Last but not least, me at the opera! I started using the circle and the lines, but I figured that was cheating. If I used those it would look the same as a right handed drawing. But, I'm lazy and didn't erase what I had already done.

Also, this is me falling down the stairs in four inch heels... which I did many times that night.

Also, yes that is a red wig. I rocked it to the opera and it was awesome.
Deal with it.