Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Colonel in the Broom Closet with the Lead Pipe?

Is there a Broom closet in Clue? I don't know, I don't remember ever actually playing a game of clue, much less remember the rooms. I should have said Library, Library would have been a safe guess...

Anyway, titles aren't important, right?

WRONG! This title is important... why? Because it gives you a CLUE as to what I am about to do.

You ready? It will blow your mind.

My title is giving you the clue...
                            ...that I have a clue.

Ha. Mind. Blown. Amiright?


So, you want a clue? Maybe a little one?

This will be a very little clue.

Ok, I guess in SIZE it will be big, but in actually help with figuring out our secret... You'll get nothing, really.

But, there is a point to this pointless clue. Every now and then I will be giving another clue that ties in with the previous clue and so on and so forth.

And then, as the final clue, I will spoil it and give you the answer to my BIG SECRET! Isn't that exciting? And waaaaaaay too easy? Basically, you just have to be patient.

Ok, I hope you understand this. Put a comment on my fb or this if you think you know what it is. Hopefully a kindergartner could understand this. Hopefully....

Guess on you Curious Cats!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Do you want the sound? Or the letters? I guess it could be "we" ... or "Wh" -EA